Tuesday Takeover Lisa Bennett

Hello Domestique followers my name is Lisa Bennett and I will be taking over The Domestique instagram feed today!
I will be featuring a few pictures that revolve around my passion for climbing.
Climbing is a very singular sport within a wonderful, friendly community. 
It teaches you a lot about yourself as it requires mental strength just as much if not more than physical strength. 
I am also passionate about promoting women in sport and so many of my projects feature female climbers.
Climbing combines flexibility, strength and endurance. 
It puts men and women on equal footing which is what makes it such an inclusive sport.
My three images feature heroes of mine that I have been lucky enough to capture.
Lynn Hill- Changing Corners
Last year I was lucky enough to climb with and photograph Lynn Hill. 
Lynn was the first person, male or female, to free climb The Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite in 1993. She is a hugely inspirational person and I wanted to try to capture something about one of her most celebrated achievements.
We chatted about The Nose and I asked about the “Changing Corners” section of the route. She immediately started to “read” the route with her hands.
Keeping the shutter open, I manually fired 
the flash to capture the sequence. There is no room for error when trying for a “clean” ascent and this demonstrated just how well she knows The Nose.
Imogen Horrocks- Pro Climber
This image is part of a series of portraits I made of London based female pro climbers.
They were photographed in London’s newest climbing centre, Yonder in Walthamstow.
The undulating floor created a surface which the climbers could interact with. covering it in chalk as they sat and posed.
It is a very exciting time to be a young climber, with it becoming an Olympic sport at Tokyo 2020. Indoor climbing competitions have been running for the last few decades but this is surely the ultimate recognition.
Imogen is a member of the Senior Bouldering Squad representing Great Britain in international competitions. Hugely talented, she is one to watch.
Alex Honnold- Free Soloist
Alex is a world class climber who has become the biggest name in a niche of climbing called free soloing.
To ‘free solo’ a route is to climb it completely unaided. If you fall, you fall.
While it sounds like a sport for people with a deathwish it is actually an art form of its own for many climbers. It requires complete focus and absolute knowledge of the route, fitness and mental preparation. It is the purest way to 
Alex lives in his van and spends most of his time in Yosemite National Park where he has made history with record speed ascentss of it’s most famous climbs.He currently holds the free climb speed record for the Yosemite Triple Crown which links Mount Watkins, The Nose and The Regular Northwestern Face of Half Dome, in a time of 18 hours and 50mins. Most people take 5-6 days to climb The Nose alone.
In a rare trip outside of The Valley I managed to grab a portrait of Honnold in London where he was promoting his book, Alone on the Wall. 
The documentary Free Solo which features much of the books contents is being screened across the world now.
When Alex isn’t climbing he is working on promoting sustainable living throughout the world through the Honnold Foundation.
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